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BIONAT PLUS - plants stimulator

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Bionat Plus - stimulating ingredient for plants

Bionat 1 litru

BIONAT PLUS is a not a soil fertilizer, but a stimulating ingredient for plants with very rapid reaction, being absorbed through leaves almost instantly.

The solid fertilizers with nitrogen (N), potassium (K) applied on the soil, being very soluble, are quickly washed away from the soil; and the phosphate solid fertilizers form with potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), aluminum (Al) and iron (Fe) ions insoluble products which cannot be used by the plant.

BIONAT PLUS acts at the plant cell level, on the increase of the photosynthesis process, accelerating the synthesis of chlorophyll and of other proteins (carbon hydrates) from the cell.

As a result of such reactions, the plant metabolism is accelerated, leading to the increase of the radicular system both in width and of the number of absorbing hairs, increasing the absorption of nutritive substances from the soil solution to the plants. Such phenomena occur with an accelerated rhythm within 48-72 hours.

The tests carried on with foliar fertilizers show that after 60 minutes from the application of the foliar product, 90% of BIONAT PLUS is in the plant roots, being absorbed through the pores of the leaves (stamata) which favorably open at temperatures higher than +17 Celsius degrees between 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Positive effects on the activity of auxins from BIONAT PLUS have the Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe elements, which stimulate the biosynthesis of such phytohormons, and auxins at their turn influence the transport and accumulation of numerous ions. Almost all the elements from a plant are hormonally controlled, under the influence of auxins in the plants’ inner nodes is accumulating N, P, K.

Potassium (K) activates the enzymes which contribute to the formation of proteins, ensuring the efficiency increase of nitrogen use, reduces plants’ perspiration ensuring an economy in the water at the tissue level, ensuring a better resistance of plants to dryness and a better valuation of water. By the increase in mineral elements of cellular juice, potassium (K) increases the plants’ resistance to frost.

Sulphur (S) is important for the formation of proteins and for nitrogen incorporation; it is also involved in the formation of vegetal oils and lipids. Sulphur (S) is absorbed under the form of SO4, directly through the roots or through the foliar shell.

The sulphur deficiency determines the qualitative raising decrease of the crop; in a particular way through the harmful accumulation of NO3 in fruits and leaves as a consequence of the reduction of protein formation.

Due to the sulphur content of BIONAT PLUS, the efficiency of the used mineral fertilizers is special with the rape crop for oil.

Bionat Plus 100ml

Using the BIONAT PLUS foliar fertilizer during the earing period at the corn crop, the presence of sulphur content determines the formation of a higher percentage of gluten in corn beans.

The P and N absorption is much more intense in the presence of the auxins from BIONAT PLUS.

Auxin and Ca (calcium) ion administration determines the thickening of cell membranes.

Auxins stimulate the release of hydrogen (H) ions from the tissues, which is of great importance in the ions’ transportation.

BIONAT PLUS auxins accelerate:

  • The mitosis (cell division) and the elongation (auxinic effect);

  • The increase of the vegetative mass and of the radicular system (it can also be applied on seeds) which is very important for plants’ supply with nutritive substances and water especially in dry years;

  • They determine the raising of female flowers (produce and stimulate the formation of partenocarpic flowers, which create the fruit), of great economical importance with cucumbers, tomatoes, aubergines etc;

  • They stimulate fruits’ fertilization and raising;

  • They prevent the appearance of diseases (the calcium metabolism is intensified, being created a mechanical barrier against various fungus, bacteria, micro-organisms) BIONAT PLUS also having an indirect fungicide role;

  • Auxins force the plants to produce natural antioxidants (which do no longer form because of the intensive application of N, P, K) which determine the destruction of the free radicals resulted during the metabolization process of the food used by the human being. The free radicals provoke serious tumors.

The absence of minor elements (micro-elements) from seeds, fruits, vegetables obtained only with soil fertilizers (N, P, K) lead to serious metabolic diseases intensely manifested in modern society. By applying the BIONAT PLUS foliar fertilizer, such serious hazards are being removed.

The optimum proportion of all the elements makes the effect of BIONAT-ULUI PLUS extremely efficient, being obtained production increases of 30-35%.

The immediate effects of BIONAT PLUS are:

  • the accelerated plant raising;

  • the increase of the number of bigot flowers and fruits;

  • stimulating the formation of a greater number of bulbs and tubercles;

  • it removes the effects of micro-elements’ deficiencies (due to the intensive use of complex fertilizers);

  • it increases the plants’ resistance to dryness;

  • it quickly gets the plants out of stress in case of calamities (hailstorms, frost);


BIONAT PLUS is product compatible with all types of herbicides and pesticides. It has no toxic residues.

To be applied on plants and leaves by spraying in conditions of clear sky at temperatures of +17 C degrees and +25 C degrees, without the risk of some imminent rains.

Do not apply on damp plants, on windy weather, at low temperatures.

BIONAT PLUS doses at the surface unit (ha) must be administrated in the water quantities adapted to the used equipment (terrestrial or aerial).

© BIONAT from 1994

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